Switch from WhatsApp to Signal

Ready to use a real privacy-focused messenger? Signal is the way to go. Even Edward Snowden uses it every day!

What Signal Offers:

  • No one can read your messages or listen to your calls
  • End-to-end encryption everywhere also in group chats
  • voice calls
  • video calls
  • sticker packs
  • groups
  • no ads & no trackers
  • free, powered by donations (Signal is a nonprofit)

Why switch from WhatsApp to Signal

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. We all know about Facebook having a really bad track record of respecting the privacy of their users. Even though Facebook can't read your WhatsApp messages, they do track you and analyze what you do. They use the data to sell it to third parties to improve their ads business and that is actually the only part they care about. I certainly do not want that. So that's why I switched to signal. Here is how you can switch to Signal from WhatsApp too.

This is also why they recently updated their Terms of Service and privacy policy informing all users about their changes. They want to partner your data from whatsapp with their other products like instagram and facebook in order to generate even more tracking and detail footprints about their users. For me this was also the point to switch to another solution especially it is so easy and convenient to do.

Download Signal from their Website

Go to -> https://www.signal.org/ download the application.

Now you can start using it right away! There also is a Tablet, Mac, and Windows application for it.

How you can transfer your WhatsApp group to Signal

Signal has recently tweeted a tutorial it is actually super easy and works in 4 simple steps in less than a minute.

Step 1: Open the Signal App > tap on the three dots in the top right corner > create a group (use the same name from your whatsapp group)

Step 2: Now in the just created group > open it and press at the top again to open its group settings > scroll to Group link

Step 3: Tap on the toggle to turn it on and press on Share

Step 4: Now open Whatsapp and Paste it in your former Whatsapp group to let your friends join

Signal offers no functionality to import any data. You need to start with a blank state and can not have your old WhatsApp chats in Signal.

If you, however, want to back up your data you export your WhatsApp data and then run it through our tool and save it as a PDF!

In that way, you can keep your chats as a PDF and have a secure, privacy-focused messenger!

Backup your WhatsApp Data
✓ Group Chats ✓ Create your PDF Chat ✓ Privacy First
Save your chat as PDF