Analyze your WhatsApp Chat in Seconds

Reveal insights & get statistics, while all data stays on your device.

No chat data is sent to a server! All code runs locally in your browser.

github logo This project is open-source and all code is public on github. Check it yourself.
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Analyze your chat
Analyze your chat, reveal unknown facts and surprise your friends with insights into your communication.
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Analyze your chats and get first hand data insights

Jennifer says

Visualizing my friends chat revealed a lot about our relationship. I always though that I was the one sending more messages. Really nice to see all those fun facts about our history. Keep it going and add more beautiful visuals.

Lara says

Amazing to see a whole WhatsApp history at a glance. I have chats going back multiple years seeing how the relationship is mirrored in the chat is amazing. I love that my files are not uploaded and that it runs directly in my browser.

About us
We are a group of university friends. As we recently all left WhatsApp and wanted to analyse how or chats evolved over the years.

As Computer Science students are paranoid and think they can doeverything better, we naturally wanted to build a solution our self, where no personal data is shared or made public.
Sebastian Fellner
Computer Science MSc
AI Enthusiast
Paul Kehnel
Computer Science MSc
Bicycle Dude
Adrian Thiesen
Business Administration BSc
The Allrounder
Moritz Wolf
Robotics MSc
Outdoor Specialist
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